I don’t know if society has changed or if it has always been like this. We want things easy. We want a quick fix. The route of least resistance. There’s no true satisfaction in being… View Post



The Beast

She doesn’t care about you. Numerous hours out in the rain and cold. Early mornings. In the dark. On the weekends. You missed that drink down the pub. You were warm, cosy and tired but… View Post

Latest Activities

  • Kel’s shake out ☀️
    On 2nd December 2023 11:16 am went 2.51 mi. during 00:24:36 hours climbing 22.97 ft. burning 277 calories.
  • Zwift - 5 x 4 in Watopia
    On 30th November 2023 9:27 am went 23.18 mi. during 01:01:00 hours climbing 193.57 ft. burning 741 calories.
  • 9 mile loop
    On 29th November 2023 9:04 am went 9.01 mi. during 01:02:55 hours climbing 452.76 ft. burning 987 calories.
  • Zwift - Tempus Fugit in Watopia
    On 29th November 2023 6:18 am went 22.49 mi. during 01:00:14 hours climbing 183.73 ft. burning 657 calories.
  • 5 x 6 mins (60s)
    On 28th November 2023 10:46 am went 10.17 mi. during 01:04:41 hours climbing 78.74 ft. burning 1,072 calories.


It was my first time to The Grand Brighton Half Marathon and I was hoping I would be able to run but unfortunately I was being sensible and resting in order to make sure my… View Post

Marathon Mental Tips

I want to talk about the role of the mind. Marathon training is so tough physically but it is also a huge mental effort. I’d like to discuss some of the mental sides to training… View Post

Mourning Run

I wake up and I don’t have that same excitement as I’m used to. I’m not sure what hurts more. Is it the quite literal pain in my arse? Or the fact that my ambitious… View Post