London Marathon 2016

I normally control my nerves before a race pretty well, but London was different. Months of hard work had gone in to this performance. So many long runs, so many long tempos. I stood just outside the Championship runner’s tent trying to gather my thoughts and focus. I normally have a good idea of the best and worst scenarios that a race may entail. The Marathon is different. Anything could happen.… View Post

World Half Marathon Champs

Cardiff was a big race for me. A huge race in fact. I am training for the London Marathon, my debut run at the distance. Cardiff was my big milestone. I had decided before I even started training for the Marathon that my performance in Cardiff would be a perfect indicator of my current level of fitness, and be the decisive factor in formulating a pacing strategy to use in London.… View Post

Racing Summary

I have decided to resume the blog. I didn’t get far last time and never even caught up with the months that I had missed. So I will give a very brief overview of some… View Post

The Man With One Shoe

After the realisation that I couldn’t just turn up to races with such a small amount of training and expect to do well, I started to slowly increase my mileage. However, I had a few… View Post

Why Does It Always Rain In Wales?

So as my first blog post entry New Year’s Resolution stated, I started running in January 2015. I expect most people who set themselves a resolution show early enthusiasm. To my previous frustration the gym used to… View Post