Running Coaching

Coaching is a great way to develop your running and reach your goals. As an online running coach I seek to develop a strong relationship with each athlete; helping you to build on your strengths and address your weaknesses. Each athlete will receive personalised running plans with the option to include cross training and strength workouts. The importance of rest, recovery, and nutrition will be stressed. I aim to help my athletes understand the purpose of workouts as we work towards running goals. I like to maintain a strong dialogue with my athletes, and receive feedback after each session. Plans will be developed and monitored closely to ensure that every athlete is progressing. I also try to keep running fun so that training is providing physical and mental benefits.

If you would like to know more about what running coaching consists of? How everything works? The coaching rates? Please leave your contact details below with any helpful additional information. I will then get back to you to discuss everything you need to know, whilst also sending you a questionnaire to learn more about you as an athlete.


    If you’re looking to run a distance or a particular time look no further. Matt starts you off with a questionnaire to fill in so he can obtain as much information about your running/goal as much as he possibly can. This is where the magic happens. His coaching is phenomenal. I had a marathon target time to break 3 hours, he said 2:50. I came in at 2:51 at Chester Marathon in October 2019. Each session he gives you is key and it only took me to finish the 3 month block of training to realise what each session actual does. His knowledge for the sport is remarkable and is always pushing and encouraging you in every run. Feedback each week is awesome with attention to detail for each session, whether it be paces to run, distances to run or places to run, it all comes together like a puzzle in the end. Matt just adds a jigsaw piece now and again for you to put in. The final piece is a debrief of the race you are running. What to expect, the pace and how you should feel during your goal race. When you complete this goal you come away a better, stronger person full of belief, not just physically but mentally or so it was for me. Get signed up ROLL THE DICE!

    James C